Monday, July 31, 2006

weekend fun

Well the weekend was a good one. On saturday, our anniversary, I had a magnificent massage at a massaeg clinic in Hale'iwa. It was great! Then sat evening, we went out to eat at Hale'iwa Joe's. It is a seafood restaurant on the north shore overlooking the harbor. It was pretty good, except we got a sorry waitress. We got more enjoyment from listening to the waitress at the table beside us than from ours. But, you win some and lose some right? Anyway, it was a good day!

The kids played in the sprinkler in the yard too. The boys really like it. They are so funny. Here's some pics of them in it.

And here is Allison swinging with Austin. This was out first "toy" when we moved into the house. We got the disc swing from ToyRUs and put it in the tree in the backyard. That first month, they were on it all day every day. We almost went to buy a second swing, but decided that we didn't have room for it. Allison swings Austin on it since he can't hold on for very long by himself. She loves being a big sister, at least to HIM! LOL

On sunday, we ended up driving around most of the day. We drove around the Leeward (west) side of the island. Here a some pics of it. It is crazy that on the Leeward side, it is so brown and dry looking, but on the Windward (east) side is so green and lush. It is just amazing how differen it is on opposite sides of the mountains. These pics are of the Leeward side.

Friday, July 28, 2006


Its the last friday of the summer, sort of...the last friday before school starts. YAH!!! We've gotten most of the school supplies bought. And all the girls have new outfits for the first day. Of course, pics will come next week!

We have rain today. The remnants of Hurricane Daniel are making their way over the islands today and tomorrow. There isn't much left of it. They said we will just see a little rain and maybe a little increase in our winds. The surfers are taking full advantage of the waves! South shores are supposed to see up to 10-12 foot waves. Talk about impressive!

Tomorrow is our anniversary. 11 years being married, 14 years since we started dating. That is pretty much forever! Especially when I was only 16 when we started dating. OOOPS! I just told my age to those of you that can add! LOL My sweetie made reservations for me to have a 1 hour massage at the North Shore Therapuetic Massage Clinic. I've never had a professional massage before, so this will be a real treat! Then we have plans to leave the kids with the neighbors and go out to eat. It will be the first time we have gone out by ourselves since we left GA. Its about time to do it again, huh??? So, we are hoping the weather doesn't get too rainy for us tomorrow. But, nothing could spoil it!

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Well, today I took the girls back to the school to actually meet their teachers. Allison's teacher is Mrs. Nayal. She is new to the school this year. She said that she taught last year, but I think that is it. She is young. Allison and her friend, Madasen, liked her. I think they will have a good year. Kailyn's teacher is Mrs.Chung. She is a bit older, but very nice. Madasen had her in 3rd grade and said that she was very nice, so Kailyn feels pretty good about it. Megan's teacher is Mrs. Yamanaka. She has been teaching for 19 yrs. She is very nice. She even sent the kids a letter in the mail. Megan was excited to get it. She included a paper for the kids to draw a picture of what they did during the summer. AS soon as Megan saw that, she had the crayons out drawing her picture. It was cute. She is very shy, so it was good to have something special like that. I guess I will be walking to school with them on monday, just to make sure they all get where they are going. We tried to finish getting school supplies today, but Wal-Mart was out of a few things. We will be checking elsewhere this weekend.

The Dole Plantation

Here we are at the Dole Plantation.
It is the home of the World's largest maze. We split up girls against boys, and ended up finishing at the same time! LOL There are 6 stations within the maze that have a stencil that you must trace onto your paper. When you find all six, you go to the exit and get your time stamped. We made it in 50 minutes! Not too bad, I think. Everytime we found one station, we would call Jason on his cell and say "WE FOUND ONE!" We all had a good time.
They also have this fish pond, filled with Koi fish. OMG, I coul dnot beleive it! They were jumping all over each other to get the food pellets. It was a sea of orange and white! It was crazy!!!

Beach pics

Here's a few beach pics. We LOVE the beach!

This is Kailua beach. We really like this one. It is pretty water, good sand for playing, and just enough waves for the kids to boogie-board. In fact, some times it is too much waves, depending on weather. We had to leave one day b/c the waves got too big. You can always see kite-boarders, wind-surfers, and kayakers out in the water. It is a lot if fun. One of our favs.

The littles ones usually play more in the sand, but they still enjoy it. Of course, ALL of our stuff always get completely covered with sand. We have learned to leave a sand-free bag in the truck with an extra towel or two, just so we can shower and dry off without a sand-covered towel when we leave! LOL

More pics...

You have probably seen most of these already, but I wanted to post them for those that may not have seen them. This was on May 10th, the last day the kids were in school in GA. Allison was saying "goodbye" to her favorite teacher Mrs.Mann. We took some pics in the courtyard before we left.

Here's the whole crew, same day. Boy, Kailyn and Megan really needed a hair-cut! LOL And I was a bit frazzled looking had been a LONG few days of moving, cleaning, etc. Glad it is over, but I do miss everyone back in Hiney-ville!!!!!

This was our first few minutes on the island! We were at the airport waiting for the USO shuttle to pick us up and take us to the Inn at Schofield. We were so exhausted (check the bags under their eyes!), but the girls were happy to have leis. BTW, they only give you leis when you get off the plane if you are part of some tour group. Jason had to go buy some for the girls b/c we were expecting to get them. Daddy to the rescue! LOL They kept their leis hanging up in the hotel room for days! They were mad at me for throwing them away!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

posting some pics

Here's my first attempt at posting some pics on this blog. Hope it works...
Here's a few pics of our house. No, we don't live in the "projects" is in fact Government Housing. Our house is the second one from the left in this pic. There are 4 units in our building, 3 4bedroom 2 story units and 1 flat 5 bedroom unit. It is definitely not that great, but we are managing with it. We may try to move off base after the first of the year. We have to wait until our 6 month lease is over, so we will see when it gets closer to time.

This is the back of the house. We are the second one from the right here in this view. That is our little trampoline in the yard. At least we have trees, right??? There is a sidewalk there just on this side of the trampoline. It goes all the way through our community to the elementary school. Its is good for the kids, but it really makes our yard too small to fence in. Oh well.

school orientation

Today was the girls' school orientation. It was an adventure. There was way more people there than they anticipated. And of course, no a/c, so it was hot. Anyway, we got a tour of the school and found out who their teachers are going to be. Allison is excited that her friend here in the neighborhood is going to be in her class. I will have to post their teachers names later. I didn't think to write them down, and they are weird names. Not weird, exactly, but different. Hawaiian. Or Asian. Anyway, they are finally really excited about starting school. They are dying to buy the last of the school supplies that they need. I guess we will be doing that tomorrow or the next day.

1st blog

Well, the MySpace thing didn't quite work the way I thought it would. Apparently, youhave to be signed up for it to view pics, blogs, etc. What I really want is a place that I can write, post pics, etc that anyone can see. Hoping to make it easier to keep in touch without sending out mass emails with tons of pics. That way, if you don't want to see us or know what we are up to, you dont have to look! LOL Anyway, I am trying to get this one up and give it a try now. Keep watching for more posts, etc...