Thursday, July 27, 2006

Beach pics

Here's a few beach pics. We LOVE the beach!

This is Kailua beach. We really like this one. It is pretty water, good sand for playing, and just enough waves for the kids to boogie-board. In fact, some times it is too much waves, depending on weather. We had to leave one day b/c the waves got too big. You can always see kite-boarders, wind-surfers, and kayakers out in the water. It is a lot if fun. One of our favs.

The littles ones usually play more in the sand, but they still enjoy it. Of course, ALL of our stuff always get completely covered with sand. We have learned to leave a sand-free bag in the truck with an extra towel or two, just so we can shower and dry off without a sand-covered towel when we leave! LOL