Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Dole Plantation

Here we are at the Dole Plantation.
It is the home of the World's largest maze. We split up girls against boys, and ended up finishing at the same time! LOL There are 6 stations within the maze that have a stencil that you must trace onto your paper. When you find all six, you go to the exit and get your time stamped. We made it in 50 minutes! Not too bad, I think. Everytime we found one station, we would call Jason on his cell and say "WE FOUND ONE!" We all had a good time.
They also have this fish pond, filled with Koi fish. OMG, I coul dnot beleive it! They were jumping all over each other to get the food pellets. It was a sea of orange and white! It was crazy!!!