Thursday, July 27, 2006

More pics...

You have probably seen most of these already, but I wanted to post them for those that may not have seen them. This was on May 10th, the last day the kids were in school in GA. Allison was saying "goodbye" to her favorite teacher Mrs.Mann. We took some pics in the courtyard before we left.

Here's the whole crew, same day. Boy, Kailyn and Megan really needed a hair-cut! LOL And I was a bit frazzled looking had been a LONG few days of moving, cleaning, etc. Glad it is over, but I do miss everyone back in Hiney-ville!!!!!

This was our first few minutes on the island! We were at the airport waiting for the USO shuttle to pick us up and take us to the Inn at Schofield. We were so exhausted (check the bags under their eyes!), but the girls were happy to have leis. BTW, they only give you leis when you get off the plane if you are part of some tour group. Jason had to go buy some for the girls b/c we were expecting to get them. Daddy to the rescue! LOL They kept their leis hanging up in the hotel room for days! They were mad at me for throwing them away!