Wednesday, July 26, 2006

posting some pics

Here's my first attempt at posting some pics on this blog. Hope it works...
Here's a few pics of our house. No, we don't live in the "projects" is in fact Government Housing. Our house is the second one from the left in this pic. There are 4 units in our building, 3 4bedroom 2 story units and 1 flat 5 bedroom unit. It is definitely not that great, but we are managing with it. We may try to move off base after the first of the year. We have to wait until our 6 month lease is over, so we will see when it gets closer to time.

This is the back of the house. We are the second one from the right here in this view. That is our little trampoline in the yard. At least we have trees, right??? There is a sidewalk there just on this side of the trampoline. It goes all the way through our community to the elementary school. Its is good for the kids, but it really makes our yard too small to fence in. Oh well.