Thursday, July 27, 2006


Well, today I took the girls back to the school to actually meet their teachers. Allison's teacher is Mrs. Nayal. She is new to the school this year. She said that she taught last year, but I think that is it. She is young. Allison and her friend, Madasen, liked her. I think they will have a good year. Kailyn's teacher is Mrs.Chung. She is a bit older, but very nice. Madasen had her in 3rd grade and said that she was very nice, so Kailyn feels pretty good about it. Megan's teacher is Mrs. Yamanaka. She has been teaching for 19 yrs. She is very nice. She even sent the kids a letter in the mail. Megan was excited to get it. She included a paper for the kids to draw a picture of what they did during the summer. AS soon as Megan saw that, she had the crayons out drawing her picture. It was cute. She is very shy, so it was good to have something special like that. I guess I will be walking to school with them on monday, just to make sure they all get where they are going. We tried to finish getting school supplies today, but Wal-Mart was out of a few things. We will be checking elsewhere this weekend.