Monday, July 31, 2006

weekend fun

Well the weekend was a good one. On saturday, our anniversary, I had a magnificent massage at a massaeg clinic in Hale'iwa. It was great! Then sat evening, we went out to eat at Hale'iwa Joe's. It is a seafood restaurant on the north shore overlooking the harbor. It was pretty good, except we got a sorry waitress. We got more enjoyment from listening to the waitress at the table beside us than from ours. But, you win some and lose some right? Anyway, it was a good day!

The kids played in the sprinkler in the yard too. The boys really like it. They are so funny. Here's some pics of them in it.

And here is Allison swinging with Austin. This was out first "toy" when we moved into the house. We got the disc swing from ToyRUs and put it in the tree in the backyard. That first month, they were on it all day every day. We almost went to buy a second swing, but decided that we didn't have room for it. Allison swings Austin on it since he can't hold on for very long by himself. She loves being a big sister, at least to HIM! LOL

On sunday, we ended up driving around most of the day. We drove around the Leeward (west) side of the island. Here a some pics of it. It is crazy that on the Leeward side, it is so brown and dry looking, but on the Windward (east) side is so green and lush. It is just amazing how differen it is on opposite sides of the mountains. These pics are of the Leeward side.