Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Allison's bday

Boy, I am getting old! Allison just had her 10th bday this past weekend. Seems like only yesterday.....not really, but it sounds good, right? LOL It seems like forever ago when I didn't have 5 kids! This year Allison decided to have a sleep-over for her bday. It was her first sleep-over party. She invited 2 of her friends over, and we also had our old neighbors over to eat and do cake. The girls sat up all night doing make-up, nails, hair, watching movies, etc. I am not sure when they went to sleep, but I know they were STILL up at 1:30AM, when Austin woke up screaming. And since the boys are early risers, everyone was awake at about 7AM. Needless to say, it was a nap day after everyone went home! I think she had a good time. She likes being the center of attention. She got some clothes, earrings, purses, a game, cd's, craft stuff. Overall, it was good. Here is a pic of her right before we cut the cake. We had just come inside from having a water balloon fight, so that is why she looks a bit rough-around-the-edges! She got hit a few times! But the girls ganged up on Jason and Matt (our friend), and got them really good! LOL