Monday, August 21, 2006


Finally, I was able to upload some pics again. I guess it was the site, but with my technical DISabilities, who knows! LOL Anyway, here are some pics of the "new" house. You can't tell a whole lot about the is old and definitely not that pretty, but trust me, it is much better than the other one! The kitchen is bigger, it is fully carpeted, small fenced in yard, the kids bedrooms are bigger, and we have an enclosed lanai on the back that serves as the playroom. We lucked out with being on the end as well. We have a huge grassy area on our side of the house. It really makes for a nice place for the kids to play. We are very happy with our decision to fight housing and get moved. It was a pain to do the move ourselves, but it worked out. Notice the little fenced in area there in the front? that is our laundry/utility area. Seems weird to most people to have outdoor laundry, but that is how most of the locals live. At least ours is enclosed and isn't seen, most houses off-post just have the washer/dryer on the back porch, or even the front porch rigth at the front door! It is amazing the cultural differences we have been "lucky" enough to see in our world-wide adventures! Anyway, we have a little extra space for anyone who decides to brave the big ocean and come visit! We'd love to have ya!!! Even if you don't want to stay with us (trust me, we UNDERSTAND!), we can surely hook you up with some hotels deals too!