Tuesday, August 01, 2006


What is the deal??? The first day of school, and the kids bring homework home...for ME!!!!! I spent an hour filling out paperwork for all 3 of them! Sad thing is, it was the same information that i already filled out with their registration packets! It seems like all that stuff woul dbe computerized by now, so there was less paperwork. Oh well... Anyway, they all had a good first day of school. They all JUMPED out of bed and got ready with no fight. They were excited to go. I walked with them to and from school just to make sure Megan was ok. She is the shy one. But they all said that they had good days. Allison is begging to walk by herself today. I will let Megan decide if she wants me to go again. As soon as she is comfortable going by herself, I am all for it!