Thursday, September 28, 2006


Well, we have started AWANA again this year. The chapel on post is starting it for the first time ever. We found out about it a few weeks ago and have been anxiously awaiting it. The kid shave been so excited about it. They miss being involved so much. We all do. Anyway, our first night was a pretty good success. We have 217 people total, clubbers and leaders, from cubbies, sparks, T&T, trek, and 24/7. Thats a pretty good number to start with! We are excited to be involved and to have the opportunity to spread God's Word to all these new kids! Almost all of them are brand new to AWANA! What a great opportunity for them and for us! This year, Jonathan is a Cubbie again, Megan a Sparkie again, both Kailyn and Allison are T&T, and little man Austin is still in the nursery! LOL BUT, he is doing very good int he nursery. I think we are past that separation anxiety stage at last! At least I hope we are! Unfortunately, he is fully emersed in the TERRIBLE TWOS! If I can make it through this last one with any sanity left, it will be a miracle! LOL

Sunday, September 24, 2006

a new member of the family

Introducing.....SCOOBY-DOO!!! Scooby joined our family a week ago. We "acquired" him via LOL Someone was wanting to get rid of him, and being the suckers that we are, we took him in. He has been absolutely great! He is a lab-mix, about a year and a half old. He is fully house-trained, very obedient, loves kids, and already neutered. He has been such a great addition! The boys took about a day to get used to him, but now they are all over him, as you can see in the bottom picture. He knows all the basic commands. We take him out to run and play with his toys in the side yard. He stays with us, does not run away. He is very tolerant of everything. The only time he really barks is when he is outside and ready to come in. He will give one of those "come get me" barks. The kids have LOVED having him. They want to take him out and play with him. I was not sure about it a first, but seeing the way the kids have loved having him, playing with him, and taking care of him has made him a great addition to the family!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

play mornings

I just took the boys to the Pre-school Playmorning today at the local YMCA. It was fantastic!!! Its free. Its every monday, wednesday, and friday from 9-10:30. They have inside toys, and I mean a lot of them, and also outside play things like cars, balls, slides, etc. It is free play from 9-10, then cleanup time until 10:10, then circle time until 10:30. During circle time, they do stories, or other learning activities. Today, they had 4 firemen come in to show the kids their uniforms and talk about fire safety. All the kids got firehats, coloring books, and a great time! The boys were so excited to see the firemen and the firetruck. It was great! And we are even going to visit the fire station in a few weeks. I was so blown away by the organization of everything! I have been to other play groups before, but this puts them all to shame! It was so great! SOOOO, if you have little ones that need a little something to do durng the day....check out your local YMCA! It might be just the right thing!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

G-ma and G-pa

We have had a good visit with my mom and Herb this past week and a half. Heres a shot of the kids with them at the pool at the Hale Koa Hotel. We had some good beach fun with them too. We were all happy to see them...we even surprised them at the airport when they flew in! They left yesterday and Austin had a screaming "I want to go with you!" fit for them. It was sweet, but hard for them to leave him like that. I told them "at least you know that you are loved!" LOL Anyway, they should be arriving back in Atlanta anytime now. One visit down, now the rest of you can come too! LOL

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Gross, gross, gross.........

We have had a few encounters with native hawaiian "critters" since we have been here(centipedes, lizzards, mice, etc), but this one takes the cake! This is a Cane Toad, and we just found him STUCK in our dryer vent hose! YEWWWWW!!!! Over the weekend, the only laundry that I did was our beach towels a few times after we returned from the beach or pool. With each dryer use, I noticed a fowl smell from the dryer. I knew something had to be there, but not really expecting THIS! Jason pulled the dryer out and took the hose off. He started to shake it and quickly realized that soemthing was stuck inside. After a few good shakes and bangs on the ground, this fried to a crisp Cane Toad falls out. YEWWWWW!!! Talk about gross! Think about how big a dryer hose is around...he was tightly stuck in there. He was huge!!! Needless to say, we are installing some screen over the exhaust hose to prevent anything like this again!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Remembering Steve Irwin....

It was such a shock to see about the death of the Crocodile Hunter. My kids have LOVED watching Steve Irwin on various shows. From the documentaries, to the movies, to the television shows, even on the Wiggles...we all loved him. My prayers go out to his wife and kids. The best consolation that I can think of is that he died doing what he loved...being with nature and educating people about nature. His legacy will live forever in our lives. Rest in peace Crocodile Hunter...

Leaping Lizzards.....and monkeys too!

We have had a few "visitors" lately. Here is a chameleon that we spotted in the tree in our backyard. I think it is a Jackson Chameleon. It has 3 horns on its head. He was about 7-8 inches long. They sure are ugly, but kindda neat! We also had a bigger one a few days ago in the same tree. I got a pic of it, but not on the digital camera.

We have also had these "strange-looking" monkeys in the tree too...LOL The kids love climbing the tree, but I think they are a little hesitant now after seeing the lizzards! They really freaked out when they saw the lizzards!