Thursday, September 28, 2006


Well, we have started AWANA again this year. The chapel on post is starting it for the first time ever. We found out about it a few weeks ago and have been anxiously awaiting it. The kid shave been so excited about it. They miss being involved so much. We all do. Anyway, our first night was a pretty good success. We have 217 people total, clubbers and leaders, from cubbies, sparks, T&T, trek, and 24/7. Thats a pretty good number to start with! We are excited to be involved and to have the opportunity to spread God's Word to all these new kids! Almost all of them are brand new to AWANA! What a great opportunity for them and for us! This year, Jonathan is a Cubbie again, Megan a Sparkie again, both Kailyn and Allison are T&T, and little man Austin is still in the nursery! LOL BUT, he is doing very good int he nursery. I think we are past that separation anxiety stage at last! At least I hope we are! Unfortunately, he is fully emersed in the TERRIBLE TWOS! If I can make it through this last one with any sanity left, it will be a miracle! LOL