Wednesday, September 13, 2006

play mornings

I just took the boys to the Pre-school Playmorning today at the local YMCA. It was fantastic!!! Its free. Its every monday, wednesday, and friday from 9-10:30. They have inside toys, and I mean a lot of them, and also outside play things like cars, balls, slides, etc. It is free play from 9-10, then cleanup time until 10:10, then circle time until 10:30. During circle time, they do stories, or other learning activities. Today, they had 4 firemen come in to show the kids their uniforms and talk about fire safety. All the kids got firehats, coloring books, and a great time! The boys were so excited to see the firemen and the firetruck. It was great! And we are even going to visit the fire station in a few weeks. I was so blown away by the organization of everything! I have been to other play groups before, but this puts them all to shame! It was so great! SOOOO, if you have little ones that need a little something to do durng the day....check out your local YMCA! It might be just the right thing!