Sunday, October 22, 2006

My birthday boy

Yesterday was Jonathan's birthday. He is now a whopping 4 yrs old! How fast they grow...*sigh* Jason had duty yesterday, so we did his little bday party at home on friday evening. We had spaghetti, his favorite, for supper. Then we had his cookie-cake and presents. Jonathan is not one for a lot of cake, so I decided to make him a cookie-cake. It was sugar cookie wieh icing decorations, and his Lightning McQueen Shake and Go car on top. He has the shake and go racetrack, but we found the Lightning at Toys R Us a few weeks ago and knew we had to have it for his birthday. He loved Cars! That will definitely be a christmas present if they have it out in time. I am sure that they will. ANyway, here's a pic of him on his b-day. We laughed so hard at him...with every present he squealed like a little girl! He was so funny!!!