Sunday, November 26, 2006

Jason Jr......

Austin in Jason's Army issued "birth control glasses"....Need I say more??? LOL!!!

LOL...Yes Amy, apparently there was a defect in Jason's BC glasses!!!! LOL

halloween party

We went to Jason's Company Halloween party the friday before Halloween. This was round one of costumes. LOL The kids LOVE dressing up, so of course, the were something different for the party and for trick or treating. Sorry for the bad picture quality...we had some camera probs. Not sure if it is going to make it or not. That may be our Christmas present for ourselves this year! In these pics, Allison was a purple and black witch, Kailyn and Megan were butterfly fairies, and th eboys were our knights in shining armor! LOL

2 wheeling terror!

The ups and downs of the first day without training wheels! He is a little speed demon for sure now!!!

Watch that boy ride!!!! He is so proud of himself!

Megan's pics

Pics from Megans 7th birthday!


Picture from our pumpkin painting experience!

Long time, no blog...

First, let me apologize for not updating in so long! It has been a crazy, hectic month. I am glad that it is almost over, except I can hardly beleive that it means that Christmas is right around the corner! LOL

Anyway, Since my last blog, Megan had her birthday. She is now 7yr old. I will post pictures later. She had a Care Bears birthday this year. She is still into the little girl stuff, so she was easy to shop for this year again. She got a new scooter, Cabbage patch kid, My Little Pony stuff, Strawberry Shortcake stuff, and lots of other girly thngs. We had a party here at the house. She invited neighborhood kids, and some from school. We had 18 kids in the house for her party. Its was fun, but very LOUD. LOL We went outside for games (water balloons, toilet paper mummys, and toilet paper relay race). I think everyone had fun. Now we have a good long break (4 months) before we have any more kids birthdays!

I have been preparing the house for my inspections to open my Day Care. I have completed all the trainging requirements, borrowed items from the lending closet, and have the play room all set up. I am just waiting for the inspections. I had the Health inspector out already. Now, the fire inspector and safety inspector have to come. Once that happens I will be ready to get my certificate and open! YEAH! I was hoping to already be open by now, but it has taken so long for the inspectors to come out. I should be open in the next couple of weeks for sure. For those that don't know what in th eworld I am talking about...I am opening a Home Day Care. Being in base housing, I get all the training, etc from the govt. It is called Family Child Care (FCC). When people need child care on base, the register through the Child and Youth Services office on base. They can choose either the child care center or family child care. If they want FCC, then they give them the list of certified homes to choose from. Other than that, it is all my business. I set hours, schedules, menus, lesson plans, etc. Everyting must get approved through my FCC Director, but it is all mine. I will get paid directly from the parents, and supplemented from the govt for low income families. It is a good deal, if you love working with children everyday. I am excited about getting started. It has been a lot of work to get this far with it, but it has been fun. I had a lot of training and preparation for it. It will be great to do, and will definitely help in the money dept too! I will let you know when I am up and running.

Jason has been just working most every day. He has been going to the doc for his feet. He has plantar faciitis. The podiatrist had orthodics made for his shoes, gave him night splints to wear (which he doesn't), and he has had one round of cortisone shots in both feet now. He thinks he will need at least one more round of the shots. He has had probs with his feet for a while now, but finally went to the doc once we got here. He could hardly walk across the room without wincing and being in terrible pain. He is some better now, but still working on it. He is also seeing about having the lasik eye surgery. He goes to a briefing in December to see about it and get started with all the paperwork and pre-stuff that has to be done. The biggest thing is getting consent from the commander to have it done. Hopefully there won't be an issue with it.

Austin is about potty-trained now. He occassionally has an accident, but mostly uses the potty. He is in pull-ups at night. He also wont poop in the potty yet. I guess that will come in time. He has done really good with it. He is the last one to potty-train!!! WOOHOO!

Jonathan is now a two-wheeled terror on his bike. We took the training wheels off a couple of weeks ago and he is now a speed demon on 2 wheels! He is so funny! He has even figured out how to get on and started all by himself now. He thinks he is as big as the rest of the boys on our street. And I think they think he is too! He even has the 8-9 year old boys coming to the door asking if he can come out to play! He is only 4!!! LOL Its is so funny!

Kailyn and Allison have been staying after school to be in the chorus group. They have a performance in December. They seem to be enjoying it. They are getting so big. KAilyn has finally hit a little growth spurt and is a couple of inches taller than Megan finally. Allison is almost as tall as me. She tries to size me up sometimes, but I tell her that it doesnt matter how big she gets, I will KNOCK HER BACK DOWN if she needs it! LOL

Well, I think that is updates on everyone for now. I have to download pics off the camera and will post them soon.