Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Honolulu Zoo

Well, the kids were out of school from the holidays until Jan.16, so we tried to do a couple of special things ith them. One of the things we did was the Honolulu Zoo. It is by no means a big first class zoo, but it was still fun. Allison and Kailyn didn't have as much fun as the little ones, but they still enjoyed it. The biggest excitement of the day was the chimpanzees. While we were watching them, the had a HUGE "gang fight". I mean they all ganged up on one chimp and tore him up. They woudl all be running and jumping all over him, chasing in around the exhibit. They would all bark and chant together. It was really humerous to think that people do the same thing. (think back to high school when a fight would break out and everyone woudl crowd around and yell fight, fight, fight!) We couldn't help but to laugh about it, even though the poor guy was getting beat up. At one point one of them charged the glass wall that we were standing at. Needless to say, most everyone at the zoo came running to watch the fight. Here's a few pics from the day...
This one was a fish pool. There was a tunnel that the kids went in toget in the middle of the pool. Jonathan was not so sure about it at first, but then he liked it. Austin LOVED it. They were funny.
In the petting zoo, Austin saw that Jason had the camera, so he grabbed this little goat. He put him in a head lock and said "Say CHEESE!" This boy is not afraid of anything!

Here we all are. We came upon this perfect rock to take some pics.

We tried to get our animals in front of the zoo animals for a pic. I am not sure which ones are the REAL wild animals, but my bet is on my fabulous five! LOL

Had to take a "butt-shot"! LOL The curly headed one is our friends little girl Ashley.