Monday, February 19, 2007

Holiday Crud

It never fails, if anyone is going to get sick, it WILL happen on a holiday weekend. This weekend was no exception. On friday night when I got home from my ladies bible study, Jason was cuddled up on the couch with Austin. Austin had been throwing up. So, I ended up in new new bed for the first time by myself. (Will explain the new bed stuff later!) Jason woke up saturday with a little upset tummy, but nothing too major. Everyone else seemed fine. During the night saturday night, Jonathan woke up throwing up. 2 down, only 3 more to go, or so I thought. Then I woke up with a rumbly tummy Sunday morning. I spent most of the day either in bed or in the bathroom. Sunday night, both me and Jonathan spent most of the night in hot and cold spells, trying to break the fever. It is now monday, and we all seem to be fine. I am a bit tired still from just being sick and dehydrated, but fine otherwise. I am hoping that maybe the girls will sail past without getting sick this time. I guess time will tell. But, sure enough, we have rarely made it through a holiday weekend without someone sick or hurt!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Another year older...another year wiser

LOL At least that is what I am claiming! I know some people really have a hard time with birthdays as they get "older". Not me. I finally feel like I am old enough to have my kids! LOL Its funny that in good ol' GA, if it was going to snow at all, it was always on or right around my b-day. Here in Paradise, the kids have been playing in the slip n' slide all week, enjoying the 80 degree sunshine! Jason is taking me out to eat tonight. We have friends coming to watch the kids. He bought me a new dress, and jewelry to go with it, so we will be decked out in style! Our dates are few and far between, so it will be nice to get out again.

swing set

Here's my latest score from Craig's is this wooden playset for the yard. The kids absolutely LOVE it! The only down side is that ALL the neighborhood kids love it, and I have to run them off at times! I think they are finally starting to realize that they have to ask permission to play on it instead of just climbing on. It is really earning its money for sure! LOL

Friday, February 09, 2007


It may be friday, but I think it has been the most trying day of the week. I am glad that it is almost over. First thing this morning, both the boys woke up at just before 6am. They never wake up that early, so I knew it was going to be a tough one right from the start. Then one of my day care kids, the 7 month old, had a bad day. He just didn't seem to rest at all, and was just fussy all day. I told the mom to watch him this weekend because this was very unusual for him. He is ALWAYS just as happy as he can be. So, the boys were fired up all morning, running on fumes by lunchtime. But they would not settle down, for fear of falling asleep, I think. Once it was nap time, they crashed hard. But, of course the phone started ringing and woke them up. It was Jason calling, so he got a nice earfull from me! LOL Not that I don't want him to call, but he knows when naptime is, and he had no real reason for calling...mostly just out of boredom. Needless to say, he now KNOWS not to call during naptime again unless it is important! LOL And now since the girls have gotten home from school, Kailyn and Megan have been at each others throats. Megan is now, as I type, bannished to her bed for the remainder of the evening (except for supper, I can't be that cruel). And Jason has gone fishing with a guy from work. Of course, he said that he woudl stay home if I wanted him to, but I told him to go. At least someone can have some funtime. I will have my turn later this weekend. LOL Anyway, now I am just trying to decide what to do for supper. I have some ground beef thawed, but I am not in the mood to cook, but Jason took the truck so I can't go anywhere...sounds like I may have to explore the delivery options!