Friday, March 23, 2007

TRU tantrums

LAst night, we went to TRU (Toys R Us, for you wondering what I am talking about). I have been wanting to get a water table for the back yard, and the last 2 times we went, they were out. Anyway, they finally had 1 left last night, so I got it and some more sand for the sand table. Usually the kids do pretty well in there. They LOVE looking and playing with the toys. They know that we can't always get something. PLUS, we had just come from Borders (bookstore like Book-A-Million) where everyone picked out a new book. So, we entered the store with hope that it would be a decent trip. We do actually have those sometimes. :P All went pretty good until we headed for the check out. Austin decided to crank it up and started pitching a huge fit. (Only a few people have heard me explain his fits, but let me tell you, they are horrible.) So, we started screaming, kicking, hitting, etc. Jason quickly grabbed him up and headed out the door while I waited for the stock boy to bring out our watertable. Of course, the stock boys there always take forver, so after probably 15 minutes, we headed to the truck. When I pened the back of the truck, Austin was still screaming. He had been screaming the whole time. Jason was frustrated. Austin was fighting so hard that he kicked Jason's finger when we was putting him in the truck, and Jason was actually thinking he may have broken it. So, a few more minutes of screaming and he finally quit. Needless to say, it was yet another "wonderful" TRU experience.