Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Update on Mini-Matt

Here is an excerp from the latest email about Matthew. Thank you all for your prayers!

As for Matthew, he is doing great. They started feeding him 2 ozs by bottle today and he has been doing great with it. They are hoping by Thursday or Friday that he should be able to eat completely by bottle and we will be able to give him more than just formula. Tonight, when I talked to Matt he was running a little fever, but that is one of the signs of withdrawl. They are working to take him off of his medicine, but I think that they moved a little too quickly on one of his medications. Other than that, he is smiling and talking (alot). He is like a whole new baby boy. He is doing things that he had never done before his surgery and it has been really great to hear him and seeing him doing this. We will keep everyone posted as things change, but as of right now the news is good. He won't be able to come home until at least maybe next week, but we are not rushing him.