Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Sorry for the break in blogs. It has been a roller coaster couple of weeks. First off, let me say YAH! Austin's MRI was normal! Now that that hurdle os past, we are focusing on his behavioral issues as just that. We have started him on a mood stabilizer to try to even him out a bit. We have started on a tiny dose and are gradually increasing so his body gets adjusted to it easily and so we don't over-medicate him. So far, we have seen a little different in his sleep, which is good. He is sleeping harder, however still not all night. Even during his naptime, he seems to be resting much better. There may be a slight change in his temperament during the day, but not much so far. We just increased his med a little bit a couple of days ago, and I think we will probably increase again next week when we see the doc again. We are hopeful that we are the road to a happier Austin.

Secondly, Jason is about to be in a foot cast. He has been seeing a Podiatrist for almost a year now for heel spurs and plantar fasciitis (sp??). He has had many cortizone shots in both feet and was fitted for carbon-fiber inserts for his shoes. None of the efforts have worked so far. So, on thursday he will be casted on one foot for 4-6 weeks. His right is worse than the left, so we are starting with that one. The doc hopes that this will work. If not, then surgery is the next option. Jason is not reallyt looking forward to the cast. He just realized last night that he may not be able to drive his truck. UGHHHHH...just the thought of me having to drive him everywhere for 6 weeks is terrible. I guess it all depends on what kind of cast he gets. I figure he will find a way to drive, but we will see. He will not, however, be able to go to the beach or go out on his kayak. He has been trying to figure out how he can make it "water-proof" so he can fish, etc. I told him NO WAY. It is way more important to get him fixed than to go fishing at this point!

Allison was voted in to be Island Princess for their Lei Day celebration at school. There is an Island Queen and 8 princesses, 1 for each island. She is the princess for Hawaii, The Big Island. They have the celebration on the 25th and she will be dancing the hula, etc. She is excited about it.