Wednesday, June 06, 2007

School is ALMOST out!

Tomorrow is the last day of school for my girls. They are excited about it. I an indifferent about it! LOL I am happy to have them home during the day, and I have been researching activities to do during summer break. What I am NOT thrilled about it dealing with the neighborhood kids everyday, all day. For whatever reason, our house and yard is the neighborhood gathering place for ALL the kids. I just hate having to be the mean mom that has to run everyone off, tame mouths when they get out of control, and clean up the yard before nightfall. It has gotten ridiculous with the amount of trash, toys, clothes, and shoes that get left in our yard. We usually clean up the yard and put all the "alien things" beside the parkng area in front of the house, so they can find their owners. I am just about ready to start pitching it all in the trash! We are very lucky to have a huge sideyard that we have the trampoline and swing set in. Also, it has my outside patio table and chairs, so I can sit and watch the kids, etc. ANyway, it is not fenced (govt housing says you can't fence anything except the back of the house, no fence on side) so ALL the kids congregate in our yard. I have had to speak with kids and parents about it several times. I guess I may just have to get ugly and make it completely off-limits before long. I don't want to do that. My biggest rule is that no one is allowed on our play things unless our kids are outside playing with them. Most of the kids obey it, but there are a couple who like to sneak on our stuff when they think no one is home or just not paying attention. Our kids are what parents make speaking to parents doesn't always work very good.

Anyway, yesterday Allison had her 5th grade graduation at school. All the kids wore their class t-shirts. We got her a flower lei and the boys both gave her candy leis. She is all excited and ready for middle school!
I also have to send out THANKS! to Mary Ann, for the great end of the year teacher gift idea! I kindda stole her idea from her blog, but I did at least tell her that I was stealing it! LOL It turned out great. The kids loved picking flowers for their teachers, and it was cheap...a big plus for me! Here is a pick of the finished product: