Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Children's Discovery Center

Pics from the Children's Discovery Center. It was a very cool place! The boys fishing off of the sailboat.
A cool exhibit that was like Hanama Bay. You could dress up like fish, jellyfish, ect and stand in front of the blue screen. There was a tv monitor so you could see yourself in the ocean swimming with the fishies! Very cute!
Visiting China...there was a section for Japan, China, Korea, Philipines, Portugal, India. Maybe others, but I can't remember.
Picking pineapples at the Hawaiian plantation exhibit.
Reading room...there was a big comfy chair, a castle, a treehouse, and a big bed...all quiet places where you could cuddle up to read a good book!
Visiting playing with the play sushi and chop-sticks. There was also komonos and slippers to try on. The kids LOVED the dress-up stuff!
The extra exhibit for the summer was "Once Upon A Time...". It was a look into fairy tales. I don't remember which one this was from (some were foreign ones), but Austin liked dressing up in the turtle shell!
Jonathan playing the organ in the Beauty and the Beast exhibit.
The whole crew in the Beauty and the Beast castle.
There was a section that was "Your Town". It has a post office, a courtroom, a garage, a fire station, grocery store, bank, police station, and a theather. Here is the kids fixing the car in the garage area. It was way cool! Of course, we are partial to mechanics!!! LOL