Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Finally some HeadStart news

After more than 3 months of waiting, I finally got the call from the HeadStart guy. We, along with the doc's referral, decided to enroll Austin in HeadStart this year. He needs the extra social "help" that can be provided there. Along with the basic pre-school type atmosphere, a specialist will work with him for his specific needs. All of his paperwork has to be checked by the supervisior because of the special needs, but we are guaranteed a slot for him. And the guy even said that he can almost guaranteee that we will get a slot at the one here on post. It is the closest, and most convienent since I also have to get Jonathan dropped off and picked up at kindergarten as well. It is frustrating, however, that there are so many people who want to "use" HeadStart as a babysitting service. While we were meeting with the guy yesterday, he told us that our nieghbor, who has 2 kids on the list for HeadStart, called complaining about us getting a call before her. Her 2 kids, neither which are special needs, are 4 and 1 1/2 (I think). She outright told me that she wanted to put the older one in a pre-k, but that she didn't want to have the younger one at home by herself. She said "What will she do without someone to play with?" So, the way I see it is that she was trying to sabotage Austin's getting a slot so she can have a babysitter for her kids while she sits at home doing nothing. ANyway, the HeadStart guy told me about her calling and said that he usually tells people that there are plenty of daycares available if that is what they need. LOL