Thursday, July 05, 2007

Our 4th of July

Well, as most holidays go, we had a sick child so we didn't get to do a whole lot. Allison had been sick throughout the night throwing up, so she was in no shape to be at the beach. The post had the 4th celebration thing, but it was so crowded last year that we decided not to do it this year. And the rides/jumpers cost so much money for such little play-time. So anyway, we spent most of the day at home, with the rest of the kids playing in the pool. We did go up on North Shore to shoot off our fireworks. We went to a spot that is not very populated. We took Scooby so he could run and enjoy the beach-time too. Well, when we first got there, we witnessed someone getting stuck in the sand in their truck. So, being the good samaritans that we are, the kids watched as Jason and I pushed the truck out of the sand. Talk about a workout! LOL I know that I am way out of shape, but I thought I was going to die afterward! Anyway, after that excitement we found our spot and opened up the fireworks. OUr next problem was that it was so darned windy that we could keep the lighter lit long enough to light anything! We had to gather all of us around together to try to block the wind to get something started. Kailyn was in charge of keeping the big sparklers lit so Jason could use them to light the rest. She enjoyed that. So, we had our "blast" literally, and then headed home. On the way home, we noticed cars lining the sides of the road close to post. We realized that they were parked on the tops of the little hills overlookng post, waiting to see the fireworks show on post! So, we found an empty spot, parked, and waiting for the show to begin. While waiting, all the locals had brought out their own fireworks and were lighting them all up and down the roads, so we got another show! We saw the whole fireworks display on post, and headed on home. It actually turned out great! The view was fantastic and it was far enough away that the kids were not afraid of the booming. So overall, our new 4th of July adventure was pretty darned good!