Monday, August 06, 2007

A few new pics

Allison heading out to the bus on the first day of school. (I am a bad mom. I forgot to take pics of Kailyn and Megan!)

Here is Jonathan working on his 4 wheeler. Jason had been working on his truck, so Jonathan had to jack his up too. You can see that he even got his skateboard out to use as his creeper! He was so funny!!! Like father, like son!

Another example of Like father, Like son....Austin in his PT's and his daddy's baret and sunglasses. I have always said that the boys are "Daddy's little hemorroids!" LOL

Me and my little man goofing off. He can be so sweet at times!

Our cucumbers! We have been growing them for a few months. We started with seeds and wanted to grow something with the kids. We have now harvested 3 of them and have about a dozen more on the vines. How exciting!!!