Monday, August 06, 2007

Finally getting to take a breath...

The last couple of weeks have gone by so fast that I feel like I haven't even been able to stop and take a relaxing breath. Not that I get to do that often anyway, BUT things have finally started to settle down a bit. Here are the latest updates:

SCHOOL HAS STARTED!!!! WOOHOO!!!! The girls are so happy to be back in school again. They all seem happy with their teachers, which makes it much easier on me. Allison is ga-ga about being in middle school. The first day, she came home grinning like a cheshire cat. She said "It was sooooo cool! We get to sit anywhere we want in the cafeteria!" I guess it is the first time that she has had that freedom at school. I told her that it is fun, but with that freedome comes the responsibilty to make the right decisions too. It seems like she is really going to enjoy it this year. She also has to ride the bus. She is out the door at 6:30am and walks back in at 3:15pm. Kailyn and Megan are both having a good start too. They have been "visiting" their old teachers every day after school. Jonathan is just about to start kindergarten. The first week or so is orientation, parent conferences, etc. Tomorrow, he goes to school for 2 hours, then he starts full day on thursday. We had his teacher conference today. She did an assessment of what he knows already. He did really well. She was impressed with him, especially since he has not gone to Pre-school and b/c he is a young kindergartener. In Hawaii, they can start school as long as their bday is before Dec.31. If their bday is between Aug and Dec, then they are enrolled as "Jr. Kindergarten". They are integrated with the older kindergarteners and taught the same things, but at the end of the year, the teachers and parents decide if they are ready for 1st grade or to do K again. Anyway, he is excited about it, and I think he will do good.

The bad news is that HeadStart didn't work out for Austin. After being told that he would defintely have a slot for 2 weeks, the day before he was to start, we got a phone call saying that he did NOT have a slot. Let me just say that I was engaged in a very LIVELY discussion with the HeadStart guy for quite some time. He had a pretty good sense of what I thought about him and what he was doing to Austin. I mean, we have been trying to work with him and prepare him to start school and make the transition as smooth as possible. Not to mention, Austin's doctor has been involved with getting in enrolled as well. We have been going through the process since April to get him in it. Anyway, i am completely discusted with the HeadStart right now. The guy said that he could have a slot open up in a few days or maybe a few months, but I just don't know that I want to deal with them at this point. Maybe it was just God's way of saying that Ausin is not ready to go to school just yet. I don't know, but he will be at home with me for now. Maybe he just needs to be home with me for a while, especially since we are still adjusting medications for him.