Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fires, and hurricanes, and tsunamis...OH MY!

It has been quite a week here in paradise. As already mentioned, firefighters have been battliing a wildfire just off-post since sunday, then Hurricane Flossie threatened the island chain. Of course, she made the Big Island wet, but quickly fizzled out. NOW, the news just put out a tsunami advisory because of the 7.5 earthquake that hit Peru. They are saying that they don't know for sure if a tsunami was generated yet, but the advisory was sent out. The earliest we could see tsunami waves is 2:14am local time. I am starting the rethink this "paradise" thing. Did Hawaii always have these things occurring, or is trouble just following me??? We have had earthquakes, hurricanes, volcano erruptions(this I know has always been happening), tsunamis, wildfires....what is next? It is not like we can evacuate. We are at the mercy of Mother Nature ( I guess more like Our Father God!). As long as we are not underwater, I'll post more later! LOL