Friday, September 21, 2007

familiar faces

Finally, we have 1 familiar face here! Our friends from GA are in the process of moving here to Hawaii. The husband, Jason, is here already and the wife (Carmen) and kids come in this weekend. It has been good to see him and catch up a bit. Of course, even better when Carmen gets here and we can catch up. Their oldest was Allison's best friend in GA, so I knwo they will be happy to get reacquainted.

On another note, Jason had eye surgery a couple of weeks ago. It was the laser PRK. He is so happy to NOT wear glasses anymore. He had another checkup today, and his vision is at 20/25 now, and may get even better. He is still having halos around lights at night, but otherwise, it is good. We are also taking Austin to the ENT next month. He has never really slept good, and since we seem to have him on a good round of meds for the mood disorder/ADHD, we are now looking into the ENT side. He is now on Claritin and Flonase, and will see the ENT next month and see what they think. He may have to do a sleep study if they can't find anything wrong. I would love to have a decent nights sleep. So, we will see what they say.

Allison is trying out for cheerleading for school this year. She has had practice all this week and has the tryouts next week on tuesday. She is pretty confident that she will make it. She says that there are 14 slots and only about 16 trying out. So, I guess those are pretty good odds. She is excited about it. I will keep you posted when she finds out if she made it next week.