Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Family update

HeadStart is going...well....it is going. LOL He is excited about it and he seems happy to go, but everyday he has a melt-down when I have to leave him there. He will adjust, I know, but it will take some time. On a good note, his teacher at church said that sunday he was much better. He actually sat at the table and did the craft with them. So, I am hopeful that he will do just fine. The teacher's assistant is a man, which I think will be really good for Austin when Jason deploys in November. Also, the class started with only 8 kids. It will eventually have up to 20 kids, but at least it is a small group for him to adjust to first. He doesn't do well in groups. He is also starting to show interest in potty-training again. He was almost completely trained before we started having most of the issues with him. He totally regressed, and has just now started to use the potty again. So, all in all, we are very happy with his progress!


Kindergarten is going great to Jonathan. He loves going to school. And Megan is trying to teach him to read at home. She will be our teacher, I think. The only thing that he is not happy with is that he hasn't had any homework!!! LOL It is just not fair that his sisters have homework and he doesn't! LOL How funny!
In these pics, Jonathan helped Austin get dressed one morning. They picked out matching outfits. Can you say DOUBLE TROUBLE?!?!?!?!?!
Not much to tell about Megan, except that she is finally making her own friends, instead of having "joint" friends with Kailyn. She has even slept over with a friend by herself now. That is a big deal fo rher. She has always been shy and scared to do anything by herself. So, she is really blooming this year. Her teacher just raves about her and says she is the best student.


Kailyn is starting to enter those pre-teen attitudes, etc. She is testing those boundaries for sure. But, I cant complain much, she is a great student, and she really is a good girl. She is just going through those growing pains. And of course, when one goes through it, we ALL go through it! LOL


My middle-schooler is just getting too big. She has decided to try-out for cheerleading. So, I guess we will see how that goes. She is loving being a part of the youth group at church. That, I can't complain about at all!


My dear hubby is having the PRK eye surgery done on thursday. He is excited to NOT having to wear glasses anymore. He is also seeing the orthopedic next week for his feet. The podiatrist finally referred him over to the ortho surgeon to see if they will do surgery and fix him. So, we are anxiously waiting to see what they decide.


I am doing fine. I am excited to have a little bit of time for myself now that everyone is in school. We'll see how it goes over the next few weeks, but I think I might just enjoy it! LOL


We have added a new pet to the family. We now have Scooby and Dixie. We got Dixie this past weekend. She was rescued by someone from a homeless man that coul dno longer take care of her. We think she is a few months old. While she is pretty ugly, she is just too cute! LOL You dog-lovers will understand.