Monday, October 22, 2007

Picture overload

So, we went on a short southern coast ride on the new Hawaii Superferry this weekend. They were doing special military (FREE) rides this weekend. We thoroughly enjoyed it. The ship itself was great. Very comfy and cozy. I wish airplanes were that roomy!!! Here are a few pics from it...

Sunday was Jonathan's 5th b-day. We had a good "little" party for him. LOL Here is my bday boy!

A few weeks ago, Allison had 2 of her friends sleep-over. This is what happens when 3 pre-teen girls are left up late at night by poor Scooby! LOL

2 weeks ago, the Marine Corps Base had its air show. The Blue Angels were there. It was a lot of fun, but very crowded! Here are some shots of the fun...

Allison had her first Lock-in at church a few weeks ago. She is loving being involved in the Youth Group. Here is her goofing off at the Lock-in. Jason was one of the chaperones (we have the biggest vehicle to help in transporting everyone!). They both really had a good time.

surgery update

Austin did very well with surgery last week. He had to stay 1 night in the hospital, bu thas done great. He still talks a little funny and has to eat soft foods for another week, but otherwise you can't even tell he had surgery. He couldn't talk the tylenol with codeine. It made him very irritable and almost paranoid. So, he has only been on regular tylenol. We are planning on sending him back to school (HeadStart) on wednesday. He only goes half a day, so it show be just fine. The doc said that his adenoids were huge, so it is definitley a good thing that we went ahead with the surgery. Thanks for all the prayers!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

surgery date change

Surgery for Austin has been changed to wednesday Oct.17, for those of you who are praying for him/us.

Thursday, October 04, 2007


Austin is going to have surgery on Oct.15 to have his tonsils and adenoids removed. We hope that this will significantly help with his sleeping (or lack there of) problems. Please keep him in your prayers on Oct.15 and afterward for his recovery. He will stay one night in the hospital and them just 2 weeks soft diet restriction.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

No cheers for the home team

Just a quick update on Allison...she did not make cheerleading squad. As it turned out, there were 30 trying out , with 14 slots open. She was a little upset, but she said that at least she could still do other things (youth group, etc). I think she liked the idea of it, but did not feel like she "belonged" with the girls that did get picked. I don' tthink she has really found her niche just yet. I guess she is kinnda like me...just in the middle. She is into lots of things: casual, dressy, preppy, skater, & goth clothes, rock, pop, country, & christian music, all kinds of things. She is not limited at all! I think it is good for her. She can have lots of interests, with lots of friends, and lots of FUN!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Family Day

Yesterday was family day. Usually it is saturday for us, but it was sunday this weekend. We did some Halloween costume shopping and we had a picnic supper at the beach. We packed sandwiches, chips, and drinks then headed out to the North Shore to the beach. We took Scooby with us too. He loves the beach! Here are a couple of pics of the beach. Jason took 1 fishing pole, just in case anyone wanted to fish. Jonathan was so funny. He has been deathly afraid of going in the water, but what a change in him the last couple of times we went! He was dong "cannonballs!" into the waves and just having a good ole time. Austin had a few freak-outs, but in the end he played a little. Megan and Kailyn had a ball playing on the rock-plateau that we were beside. Allison finally joined them, but it took her a little bit to get into it. It was good. The kids are all out of school this week for Fall Break, and Jason goes on block-leave next week (for 3 weeks), so we will probably do this pretty often for the next few weeks. It was a nice time, even with ALL 5 kids AND the dog! LOL