Monday, October 01, 2007

Family Day

Yesterday was family day. Usually it is saturday for us, but it was sunday this weekend. We did some Halloween costume shopping and we had a picnic supper at the beach. We packed sandwiches, chips, and drinks then headed out to the North Shore to the beach. We took Scooby with us too. He loves the beach! Here are a couple of pics of the beach. Jason took 1 fishing pole, just in case anyone wanted to fish. Jonathan was so funny. He has been deathly afraid of going in the water, but what a change in him the last couple of times we went! He was dong "cannonballs!" into the waves and just having a good ole time. Austin had a few freak-outs, but in the end he played a little. Megan and Kailyn had a ball playing on the rock-plateau that we were beside. Allison finally joined them, but it took her a little bit to get into it. It was good. The kids are all out of school this week for Fall Break, and Jason goes on block-leave next week (for 3 weeks), so we will probably do this pretty often for the next few weeks. It was a nice time, even with ALL 5 kids AND the dog! LOL