Tuesday, October 02, 2007

No cheers for the home team

Just a quick update on Allison...she did not make cheerleading squad. As it turned out, there were 30 trying out , with 14 slots open. She was a little upset, but she said that at least she could still do other things (youth group, etc). I think she liked the idea of it, but did not feel like she "belonged" with the girls that did get picked. I don' tthink she has really found her niche just yet. I guess she is kinnda like me...just in the middle. She is into lots of things: casual, dressy, preppy, skater, & goth clothes, rock, pop, country, & christian music, all kinds of things. She is not limited at all! I think it is good for her. She can have lots of interests, with lots of friends, and lots of FUN!