Monday, October 22, 2007

Picture overload

So, we went on a short southern coast ride on the new Hawaii Superferry this weekend. They were doing special military (FREE) rides this weekend. We thoroughly enjoyed it. The ship itself was great. Very comfy and cozy. I wish airplanes were that roomy!!! Here are a few pics from it...

Sunday was Jonathan's 5th b-day. We had a good "little" party for him. LOL Here is my bday boy!

A few weeks ago, Allison had 2 of her friends sleep-over. This is what happens when 3 pre-teen girls are left up late at night by poor Scooby! LOL

2 weeks ago, the Marine Corps Base had its air show. The Blue Angels were there. It was a lot of fun, but very crowded! Here are some shots of the fun...

Allison had her first Lock-in at church a few weeks ago. She is loving being involved in the Youth Group. Here is her goofing off at the Lock-in. Jason was one of the chaperones (we have the biggest vehicle to help in transporting everyone!). They both really had a good time.