Wednesday, November 21, 2007

posting delay

Sorry for the lag in posting this week. It has been quite a difficult week since Jason left. Here's some of our updates:
Jason is now in Kuwait. Not sure exactly when he will go into Iraq. He is extremely bored. Says that they are not doing much of anything except a few classes.

The kids have had a rough time adjusting this time. Jonathan and Megan especially. We have cried together, had hugging sessions, and of course pray for daddy and our family every night. Jonathan finally slept all night in his bed last night. This wass a first since jason left. Megan just told me last night "Mommy, it is getting easier not to cry now". Austin has had rough nights. He hasn't really cried for Jason, but he is just not sleeping well at all. He tosses and turns, wakes up more than normal, and is having a very hard timne seperating from me to go to school. Kailyn and Allison seem to be doing pretty good. They stay up later than the youngr ones, so we talk at night about what Jason is doing and where he is. They seem to be dealing ok. And of course, they are such a big help to me. I do feel bad and wish that they didn;'t have to grow up any faster than they already are.

My truck is broken. It left us stranded at the library on monday. I had it towed yesteday and the service center checked it, said that it needed a battery. So, $200 later, I picked it up only to have it shut off on me in the parking lot again. I went back in the service center and said that it is NOT fixed. They looked at it again and said that they don't know what is wrong. The guy that doesn the diagnostic testing machine would not be in until monday. So my truck is sitting in their parking lot waiting to be seen on monday. I borrowed a friends car to use until it gets fixed, but my stress level is so high right now.

I can't beleive that Thanksgiving is tomorrow. I usually look forwqard to holidays, but right now I just wish I could crawl in bed and sleep for a few days. We are going to house=hop around to a few friends houses tomorrow. That way we can keep busy, and not have to think about being alone.