Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas 2007

Here is our Christmas tree on Christmas eve night. My parents are here, so they made sure the tree was well-stocked with presents.

This is Austin's presents from Santa. It is a Fisher Price Play 2 Learn keyboard and activity desk. And of course, the big dumptruck! He loves his new truck!

This is Jonathan's Santa stash. He has been wanting to have a band for a while, so Santa brought him a drum set, an electric guitar (not a real one, but one programed with songs and sounds). He also got a remote control truck. Talk about racking up this year!!!

Megan, the baby girl, got a new baby that talks and moves, a backpack carrier for the baby, and a Glo Bear. She is my only girl still into the real girlie stuff. They grow up so fast!!!

Here is Allison's stuff from Santa. Being a teenager, she racked up on the clothes this year. Santa brought her som enew jeans and a couple of cute tops. She also got a big teen style doll and the American Idol karaoke game for the tv.

And here is Kailyn's pile from Santa. She got the Dreamlife Superstar, a big teen style doll, a Bratz MP3 player (with speakers), and few clothes. I think they all did pretty good.Santa must be pretty forgiving! LOL

Here's Jonathan jamming with his new guitar. He LOVES it. Talk abotu putting on a show. He is going to be a rocker for sure! LOL

The boys also got this tee-ball set. It is the Grow2Pro by Fisher Price. They have already been slamming the balls with it. I think we definitely see tee-ball or baseball in out near future for these boys.

Miss Megan posing with her new baby. SHe loves playing Little Mommy!

Kailyn decided to take abreak ont he couch. It was quite an overwhelming morning! LOL
Little Man, Austin, got a Happy Feet floor music keyboard. He also got the dressup stuff to be Mumble. He LOVES penguins right now, so this was right up his alley. He was so cute dancing on his mat!
And lastly, here is my big girl herself. Allison enjoyed the morning but tried as hard as she could to hold the enthusiasm inside. After all, teenagers can't act like little kids....if she only knew what being grown up was really about...

Anyway, it was overall a good Christmas. Jason called just after we finished opening everything. We all got to talk to him. It was great to have him be a part of our day, even though he was not here. It has been a great distraction to have my parents here, but it doesn't fill the whole in my heart. I miss Jason so very much. I pray every day that he will be safe and home in my arms again soon.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I will have more misc pics posted in the next day or so. I am a little behind, but am trying to get caught up. I never even sent out Christmas cards....SORRY! Maybe we will have New Year's cards this year.....

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Its got to get better

This deployment has been bad from the very beginning. Going through the holidays right away really stinks, then my truck broke down, I had to fight with housing to get money from them for a referral special a few months ago, and Jason had a soldier with mental issues, and now he had one of his soldiers kill himself. It has got to get better...

Please pray for this soldier's family. He was married, but had no children. What a terrible way to lose someone. Also, pray for Jason. I am sure that he is going through He** right now with al the emotions around the tragedy. Remember ALL of our soldiers in the "sandbox"...all the things that they have to face every day. May the Lord hold them in His precious hand until they all come home.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Jason's birthday

Today is Jason's birthday. We have frequent;y been apart for his b-day (for some reason the Army really likes to do training in the weeks just before Christmas a lot!), but that doesn't make it any easier. With it being the beginning of the deployment, I am still worried about him and how he is coping. As hard as we think we have it here, I am sure it doesn not compare to what he is dealing with. I just hope and pray that he is really doing ok. It is going to be a long 15 months, but tomorrow marks the first month over already. I just hope that they rest of it continues to pass even more quickly.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

this weeks updates

This past week was pretty much the week from He**! We had a terrible wind and rain storm come through on tuesday night. It knocked down trees, power lines, poles, and threw stuff all over the place. We were without power from tuesday night/early wed morning until midnight friday night. 3 full days of no power. Let me tell you, it was NO FUN! Luckily, we have a gas stove, so we were able to cook the food that was thawing out of the freezer. I still had to throw some away, but was able to make use of some of it. The kids were out of school all 3 days as well. So, 3 days of no power, no school, continuous rain, and no hot baths...basically it was real bad. But, as all good military wives should do, I tried to take it all in stride and we managed to make it with all the kids still in tow! LOL Now, I will be doing laundry non-stop for a week just to get caught up from 3 days of not doing any!

I did get some pics from Jason tonight. I LOVE the benefits of modern technology at times like this! Here is my handsome prince posing for a few pics from Kuwait:

He is now at his destination in Iraq, so if I missed any of you with his address let me know.

We are also down to the last 10 days before g-ma and g-pa come for Christmas. The kids have anxiously been counting down. They are so excited for them to come. It will be a nice distraction for us all. Anyone else interested in a vacation? We love company!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Time does NOT fly when you want it to

It has offcially been 2 1/2 weeks since Jason left, but it has felt more like an eternity. We are, however, finally starting to get "used" to it. I have been pretty busy with doing everything by myself, but it does seem to be gettign more routine now. As I type this, Jason should be at his FOB in Iraq. I still have not heard from him, but I did get word that he was en route on friday. I expect to hear from him soon, and hopefully we will have an address this week as well.

The kids are doing ok. We have a huge stash of pics and letters to send Jason already. And they pray for him everynight. Right now, they are gettng excited about grandma and grandpa coming this month. They have even gotten to the number countdown...today was 17 more days until grandma comes. The have also been begging me to decorate outside for Christmas. I kindda feel bad about it. It has always been Jason's thing to do and I didn't want to mess with it this year. But, I am thinking that I may pull out a few things just so they feel better about it. The weather has been bad this week, so I had that excuse, but it is nce today, so I guess I ned to climb into the forbidden closet. LOL

I finally got my truck back, too. It was broke for almost 2 weeks. I ended up having to tow it from the Firestone Service Center to the Chevy dealership after it sat not being touched by Firestone for a week. AGHHHH! It was a little mre expensive, but at least it got done quickly.

I am off to dig my way into the forbidden closet...if you don't hear from me in a few days, call a search and rescue party! LOL