Sunday, December 09, 2007

this weeks updates

This past week was pretty much the week from He**! We had a terrible wind and rain storm come through on tuesday night. It knocked down trees, power lines, poles, and threw stuff all over the place. We were without power from tuesday night/early wed morning until midnight friday night. 3 full days of no power. Let me tell you, it was NO FUN! Luckily, we have a gas stove, so we were able to cook the food that was thawing out of the freezer. I still had to throw some away, but was able to make use of some of it. The kids were out of school all 3 days as well. So, 3 days of no power, no school, continuous rain, and no hot baths...basically it was real bad. But, as all good military wives should do, I tried to take it all in stride and we managed to make it with all the kids still in tow! LOL Now, I will be doing laundry non-stop for a week just to get caught up from 3 days of not doing any!

I did get some pics from Jason tonight. I LOVE the benefits of modern technology at times like this! Here is my handsome prince posing for a few pics from Kuwait:

He is now at his destination in Iraq, so if I missed any of you with his address let me know.

We are also down to the last 10 days before g-ma and g-pa come for Christmas. The kids have anxiously been counting down. They are so excited for them to come. It will be a nice distraction for us all. Anyone else interested in a vacation? We love company!