Sunday, December 02, 2007

Time does NOT fly when you want it to

It has offcially been 2 1/2 weeks since Jason left, but it has felt more like an eternity. We are, however, finally starting to get "used" to it. I have been pretty busy with doing everything by myself, but it does seem to be gettign more routine now. As I type this, Jason should be at his FOB in Iraq. I still have not heard from him, but I did get word that he was en route on friday. I expect to hear from him soon, and hopefully we will have an address this week as well.

The kids are doing ok. We have a huge stash of pics and letters to send Jason already. And they pray for him everynight. Right now, they are gettng excited about grandma and grandpa coming this month. They have even gotten to the number was 17 more days until grandma comes. The have also been begging me to decorate outside for Christmas. I kindda feel bad about it. It has always been Jason's thing to do and I didn't want to mess with it this year. But, I am thinking that I may pull out a few things just so they feel better about it. The weather has been bad this week, so I had that excuse, but it is nce today, so I guess I ned to climb into the forbidden closet. LOL

I finally got my truck back, too. It was broke for almost 2 weeks. I ended up having to tow it from the Firestone Service Center to the Chevy dealership after it sat not being touched by Firestone for a week. AGHHHH! It was a little mre expensive, but at least it got done quickly.

I am off to dig my way into the forbidden closet...if you don't hear from me in a few days, call a search and rescue party! LOL