Monday, January 07, 2008

Monday Jan.7th

The holidays are officially over at our house. My parents left yesterday to head back to the Peach State. The kids are still not back to school yet, but we are trying to get back to "normal" life as much as possible.

We had a real good visit with my parents. It was definitely a huge help to have them here over the holidays. From keeping the kids occupied, to cooking, to washing clothes, to taking Scooby out to was all a great help. Not to mention the distraction of not thinking about Jason being gone...I am very glad that they were here. Here are a few pics from their visit:
I forgot to rotate this one before uploading it, so just tilt your head a bit and see my beautiful baby girl! Megan had to strike this pose for Grandpa at the beach.
There were several trips to the park just up from our house. Here is Austin shooting out of the tunnel slide.
Our trip to Ko'Olina...or as the kids say "the Lagoons". The water was cold, but the sun did play peek-a-boo a few times so we all did get in the water for a little while. This was right after we got there and were just testing the water. Herb has a thing for Butt-pics, so this ones gets us all in. Notice my mom, me, and Allison all with hands on MUST be in the blood! LOL
Here's my big boy Jonathan! He came up the beach to take off his life-jacket. He was wearing his cool new surfer-dude shirt at the beach!

And I just LOVE this one of Austin and Grandpa. He wasn't too much into taking pictures, but this one caught both of them just perfect!!!
We went to the Zoo one day and tried to get a pic of all of us. Austin was resistant to picture-taking most of the time. Here he is pitching a good fit for the camera.
Whiel driving around the Island, we stopped so I could get a few pics of Momma and Herb together. Here is a good one of them.
We also went to Waimea Falls Audobon Center to hike up to the waterfall. This one was taken along the creek on the way to the falls. Allison wasn't with us. She had spent the night with a friend the night before. And here is the Falls.