Tuesday, January 15, 2008

School is back in!

School finally got started agin today from Christmas break. The kids were so excited to return to the "normal" schedule again. Everyone had a good return except Austin. He has just not settled in his HeadStart class. He started in August, and he still continues to cry, scream, kick, hit, fight, everything and everyone in his path when I drop him off. He has had severe separation anxiety since he was about 8 months old. I keep hoping that he will move out of this "stage" soon. Unfortunately, he hasn't. He saw his psychiatrist today and we discussed it further. I am thinking that if he is still having such a hard time, then he must not be getting his social/emotional needs met. I mean, he goes there every day, monday thru friday, 8am-noon. You would think he would adjust to being there and be fine. So, we are going to go through the Dept of Education system and have him assessed to be put in the special needs Pre-K at the kids elementary school. I am hoping that he will get accepted and do better there. On top of his "normal" issues, he has had even more anxiety and mood swings since Jason has been gone. He has started saying things like "don't leave me" and "you left me" and when he gets mad at me he says "get out of the house" and "I don't want you" etc. Talk about making a mom feel like dirt...it has not been fun. But, i am hopeful that things will get better. Afterall, they can't get much worse, right?