Sunday, February 24, 2008

Concert day

On saturday, the Army MWR sponsored a free concert right here on post. There was a up and coming singer Katie Rae Davis, alternative rock band Bowling for Soup, and country duo Montgomery Gentry. It was a beautiful day for an outdoor concert! My friend, Robin, and her daughter Natali came with us. Robin's husband is deployed too, so it is always nice to help support each other through times like this. Also, for the concert, there was a reserved area for spouses of deployed soldiers, so we got to sit right up front. It was really nice. The early part of the daywas ok, but the boys quickly got you will see in the pictures! :) Here is our spot on the grass. My kids, Robin, and Natali.

Montgomery Gentry!!!

Me and the girls,posing for a shot together.
This is how Jonathan saw most of the concert while Montgomery Gentry was singing. He loves them and wanted to see it all. We did dance and get down a bit too! He was excited to see that it was the REAL singers that he sees on TV and hears on the radio.
And this is Jonathan knocked out at the end of the concert. he fell asleep on my shoulder and I laid him down in the blanket. He will swear that he DID NOT fall asleep, but I have proof! LOL Can't believe anyone could sleep through all that loud music, but this proves it...
This is how Austin spent over half of the concert. He fell asleep during the second group, andm issed the entire Montgomery Gentry part! LOL He was oe tired little boy! LOL Luckily, he stayed asleep even after we got home!

Jonathan's first field trip

On friday, Jonathan had his first field trip. It wa salso his first time riding the school bus. He was so excited about it. His class went to the Honolulu Zoo. Even though we have been many times, it was special for him b/c he was going with his class. Here is Jonathan's group posing on the hippo statue. We didn't ever get one of his whole class, but this one is of his group. They were all divided up about 5 per group, each with leader. He was the yellow giraffe group. There are a couple extra kids that were in a different group, but still in his class.
And here is Austin and Rachel. Jamie and I drove down together so we could be with the boys, too. So Austin and Rachel got a zoo trip out of it too. Aren't they cute!This is Jonathan's group (plus Austin) looking at the giraffes and zebras. I just love the butt shots! LOLAnd the lunchtime zoo picnic! My big boy eating his pb&j. He had such a good time. Can't beleive that he is growing up so fast!

My little ninjas

Here are the 3 ninjas! Jonathan, Aidan, and Austin. Aren't they a terrifying threesome? LOL They just look so darned cute! Jonathan and Austin are loving their ninja class. They have only been going for 4 weeks, and it is already the highlight of their week.
Here is Jonathan being taught how to tumble correctly, without letting your head touch the ground.
And over he goes!
Here is Jonathan paying respects to his teacher after doing his tumbles. It is so cute!
Here, Austin was about to balance the kick-pad on his head. He was so excited, and he even balanced it for 8 seconds! He was so proud of himself, and I was too. His teacher was telling him to focus and not be distracted. He did such a good job!

President's Day BBQ

On monday, Presiden't Day, we had a BBQ at our house. Jamie and her kids came, and my friend Carmen and her kids were here for a little while too. We bbq'ed hotdogs, steak, and chicken. It was a nice day, so jamie brought her inflatable waterslide over for the kids to play. It was a nice way to spend the day. We will be doing it again soon! Here are some pics of the fun...

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Red Letter day(s) pics

Even though my Valentine was/is thousands of miles away, I still mananged to have a pretty good Valentine's Day...THANKS TO SOME GREAT FRIENDS! Jamie and her kids, and Robin and her daughter all came over to my house for our "Lonely Hearts Dinner". I made salad and dessert, Robin made Dorito nachos, and Jamie made chicken alfredo. It was all fantastic! Here are my table decorations for the evening- and here is my cake. It was so yummy! It was a devil's food cake with streawberry filling/frosting, then drizzled with chocolate. It was so good! I will definitely be using that recipe again. We all just talked the evening away and ate until we were stuffed. It was a nice way to enjoy the day, without being too "lovesick" for our sweeties!
And on friday, Jamie had a little bday party for me at her house. We are all about having a reason to party! LOL Friends, food, and fun...what more can you ask for?
The cake was so pretty. Check out the flowers on it...they are hibiscus! I have never seen hibicus flowers on a cake before! Only in Hawaii!! LOL It was very yummy, and the p-nut butter ice cream was a dream! THANKS JAMIE!!!
The birthday girl...
I am so thankful for the wonderful friends that I have made here. You guys are great! When is the next party???

Friday, February 15, 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008



happy valentine

With love from the Taylor crew


I have discovered and they have the cutest smileys called "sweetpeas". Here is my first attempt to use them here... kiss bunch of roseshaving chocolate
They are just so darn cute!!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Family visit

We had a great surprise this week. My brother, Jay, and his family came out to Hawaii. Jay was here for work, so Amy, Colin, and Rhyon came for a few days to visit and vacation as well. It was great to see them and spend some time together. Can't beleive that it has been almost 2 years since we have seen them and the kids have gotten to play and have fun together. We were all excited to visit with them. On Saturday, we all met at the Dole Plantation. We rode the train and had pineapple ice cream. Here is a shot of the wonderful view of KoleKole Pass from the train ride. And here is some of the kids posing at the direction signs....Which way do we go????
Jonathan and 2 big boys...cute as ever!
Jay was holding Rhyon so he could see the fish in the fishpond. He just laughed and laughed at them.
Sisterly love at its best! Allison and Megan have gotten to really play with each other and goof off together.
My tired baby girl on the train ride.
Here we all are waiting for the train to go.
My pineapple hula girl!

And my ukelele boy, Jonathan.
Kailyn and Colin are just a bunch of pineapple heads!
Here comes the Pineapple Express! CHOO-CHOO!
Rhyon LOVED the train! He was so cute!
Allison, Megan, and Colin being crazy cousins together!
All the big kids! Rhyon was strapped in the stroller, I think!
Such a cutey-patooty!
Checking out the fishpond.
It was such a good visit, I can't wait to see them again! So come one, come all! We LOVE having visitors!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Baby girl...

is not much baby anymore!!!! Megan loves posing for the camera.