Sunday, February 24, 2008

Concert day

On saturday, the Army MWR sponsored a free concert right here on post. There was a up and coming singer Katie Rae Davis, alternative rock band Bowling for Soup, and country duo Montgomery Gentry. It was a beautiful day for an outdoor concert! My friend, Robin, and her daughter Natali came with us. Robin's husband is deployed too, so it is always nice to help support each other through times like this. Also, for the concert, there was a reserved area for spouses of deployed soldiers, so we got to sit right up front. It was really nice. The early part of the daywas ok, but the boys quickly got you will see in the pictures! :) Here is our spot on the grass. My kids, Robin, and Natali.

Montgomery Gentry!!!

Me and the girls,posing for a shot together.
This is how Jonathan saw most of the concert while Montgomery Gentry was singing. He loves them and wanted to see it all. We did dance and get down a bit too! He was excited to see that it was the REAL singers that he sees on TV and hears on the radio.
And this is Jonathan knocked out at the end of the concert. he fell asleep on my shoulder and I laid him down in the blanket. He will swear that he DID NOT fall asleep, but I have proof! LOL Can't believe anyone could sleep through all that loud music, but this proves it...
This is how Austin spent over half of the concert. He fell asleep during the second group, andm issed the entire Montgomery Gentry part! LOL He was oe tired little boy! LOL Luckily, he stayed asleep even after we got home!