Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jonathan's first field trip

On friday, Jonathan had his first field trip. It wa salso his first time riding the school bus. He was so excited about it. His class went to the Honolulu Zoo. Even though we have been many times, it was special for him b/c he was going with his class. Here is Jonathan's group posing on the hippo statue. We didn't ever get one of his whole class, but this one is of his group. They were all divided up about 5 per group, each with leader. He was the yellow giraffe group. There are a couple extra kids that were in a different group, but still in his class.
And here is Austin and Rachel. Jamie and I drove down together so we could be with the boys, too. So Austin and Rachel got a zoo trip out of it too. Aren't they cute!This is Jonathan's group (plus Austin) looking at the giraffes and zebras. I just love the butt shots! LOLAnd the lunchtime zoo picnic! My big boy eating his pb&j. He had such a good time. Can't beleive that he is growing up so fast!