Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A day at the Hale Koa

Today, we all went downtown to the Hale Koa Hotel. The Blue Star Card program (a program with discounts and special things for deployed families) had a bus trip there. Yes, we can go anytime we want...it is just downtown and is free to use the facilites, but it is great when you can do it without the expense of gas and the hassle of dealing with traffic, and of course there is always parking to contend with. Anyway, we rode the chartered bus down and back today. We stayed by the pool for the whole time. The kids did great! They all loved it. The boys started in the kiddie pool and the girls hit the "big" pool. It worked out well until a baby had a poop-leaking diaper in the kiddie pool. So the kiddie pool got closed and we had to head to the big pool. The boys loved it as well! It was such a good day!
Naturally, we rode the short bus to Waikiki...
I even enjoyed a strawberry daquiry while sittin beside the pool! I almost feel spoiled!!!
Austin posing by the kiddie pool.
Megan really enjoyed being a big girl playing in the pool. She even went into the 5 feet side of the pool!
Kailyn and Allison actually getting along together! Had to get a picture of that!
On the way home, everyone except Kailyn fell asleep. Here are my sleeping beauties!
AustinMeganAnd even Allison!All in all, it was a great success! We will definitely be doing it again!