Monday, March 10, 2008

March 9 beach day

We all loaded up and went to the beach on sunday. It was the first time since Jason left that we went to the beach (excpet for that 1 time when my mom and Herb was visiting). We went with a couple of friends, so it was not exactly a solo trip. But we all have deployed spouses, so it was just us girls and all of our kids. Here are some shots of the fun:

This is my note to my love...

Here is Jonathan pulling Austin on the boogie-board. All the kids really got into the water and had a good time. We did have to pull a few of the kids out of the waves a few times, but overall it was a lot of fun.
Austin and Rachel playing in the sand.
Allison and Kailyn playing with the inner-tube.
Jonathan was standing on a boogie-board on the sane pretending to be surfing! LOL He is such a stud!
My beach-beauty! Kailyn striking a pose for the camera.
It is not just any day (unless you live in paradise like us!) that you can fall asleep in a scene like this! Austin couldn't hang in there with everyone else playing. He fell asleep and caught some z's on the blanket.
This is a worn out little man!