Friday, March 21, 2008

Plumbing probs

The other day, i had an overflowing/leaking toilet in my downstairs bathroom. I thought it was just stopped up, so I tried to plunge it and all it did was push water up and out of the base of the toilet and all over my floor. I called maintenance and they sent someone out. Now our maintenance guys are pretty useless. There is 1 or 2 that are ok, but overall, they really stink. Anyway, he flushed it once and said that it was fine. Of course, on the first flush it didn't do anything. There were wet towels all over the floor, so obviously they HAD been a problem. He flushed it again, and lo and behold, the water started coming out the base of the toilet again. He was dumbfounded (with a big stress on DUMB!), so he called in for the civilian plumber to come out. By then, it was already after 7pm, so I really wasn't sure when someone woul dbe coming to fix my toilet. The new plumber guy called and was at my house about 8:30pm. Here are some pics of his work...

Apparently, it was some serious SH**! Literally!!! LOL He had to take the toilet out and bring in this big power tool on wheels. It was quite a sight. He was in my bathroom until about 11pm. Luckily for him, Jamie was at my house that night and we were testing out the new Singstar 90's game on the PS2. We kept him pretty well entertained with our singing all night. LOL