Friday, March 28, 2008

pool pics

Here's a few more pics from our pool trip last week. We really did have a good time. Kindda strange, i guess, to be going to the pool instead of the beach in Hawaii....but ya gotta change it up sometimes! LOL

Here's Austin playing on the pool steps. He was such a fish! He loved the water! And here is Austin and Jonathan in the "deep end" of the pool. Jonathan was not real sure about it at first, but once he got in and really KNEW that he would float in his life jacket, he loved it too. They were so funny, swimming all over the place. Before we left for the day, they were both even jumping in with their life jackets on!
One of the good things about the Hale Koa, is that every hour they blow the whistle and all the kids have to get out for a break. It is adult swim time for 15 minutes. It is a great idea to let the kids have time for a potty-break, snack break, and of course a few minutes for mommy to have some peaceful swim time! Here are some of the kids sitting on the side anxiously waiting for the whistle to blow so thay can jump back in! LOL
(left to right: big Austin, Aidan, Kailyn, Rachel, Kylee, and Megan. Allison had taken my Austin and Jonathan to the bathroom)