Sunday, April 06, 2008

"Manly" saturday

On saturday, I guess I had a surge of testosterone. I loaded everyone up, picked up Jamie and her kids, and we went to Lowe's. I bought a new carpet remnant to use inthe playroom and new blinds for the playroom. Since the playroom is basically a screened-in porh, there are no glass windows. It only has screen windows. It is wonderful for the Hawaiian breezes, but it is also terrible for letting in all the dust and mist/rain. So, the blinds that we put up last year were extremely disgusting. They were only the cheap $3 blinds to start with, so I decided a while back that I would just replace them instead of trying to clean them. Saturday was the day...I had it in my head to get started with it. So, I brought 8 new blinds home from Lowe's (I had 2 still in the closet in the boxes from last year). Well, anyone that has ever lived in govt housing knows that nothing is straight or square. None of the windows are the same size, and definitely nothing is standard. So, I had to buy 2 seperate sizes and then once I got them home, I still had to cut them to fit. This is where the testosterone comes in...I had to get out the big guns and use Jason's circular saw. After just the first cut, I was grunting like crazy! Ah, the feel of raw power in your hands...I can see why men like power tools! LOL So, I am missing 1 mmore blind, so I guess I'll have to make another trip to Lowe's to get one more. Jamie and I also rearranged the furniture in the playroom and basically did a good clean through it. So my weekend was a spring cleaning weekend with a side order of testosterone! What fun! LOL