Sunday, May 04, 2008

Weekend update

I haven't posted all week, so I am going to try to wrap everything up real quick here:

The last week of April was long was a long month and I couldn't wait for it to be over.

On monday, we went to Sears to get the kids pictures taken. It was a huge mistake! After school, everyone got ready for pictures. As we were getting ready to walk out the door, Allison looked at Austin and said "Oh, mommy!" He had chocolate all over his WHITE shirt! I was so livid that I couldn't even think. I grabbed the shirt off him and tried to scrub it with a toothbrush and soap, trying not to get it completely wet. I put the shirt on the dash of the truck hoping it would dry enough in time for pics. Of course, we got to Sears and not only was it still soaked, but you could still see the chocolate on it. Luckily we had about 20 minutes to spare, so we ran through the boys dept looking for a new shirt. I ended up getting both boys a new shirt, so they would match. By this time, I should have realized that luck was NOT in my favor, but stubborn side kicked in and I was determined to take pictures. The kids were all in pretty good moods while we waited for our turn, but as soon as we got into the photo room, the beast started coming out. Jonathan decided that he was going to show his butt. He would not get into the pictures at all and screamed and even ran out of the room when we were trying to do pics. My friends, Jamie and Robyn, were also there and witnessed the whole thing. The girls and Austin did great and got some really cute pics, but who wants pictures of only some of their kids? Anyway, we decided to schedule a re-shoot and try again on another day. On the way home, everyone had milkshakes except Jonathan. He basically passed out in the truck and stayed that way all night. I guess he was just exhausted.

Tuesday, Jamie and I had lunch at Sizzler. We were trying to make the best of the lasy few days of April.

Wednesday, was pretty much a normal day. We did go to the PX for 31 cent scoop night at Baskin Robbins. It was a fundraising night for the Federal Fire Dept. There was lots of fun stuff for the kids and of course cheap ice cream. It was packed and very chaotic, but still worth the cost!

Thursday was finally May 1. I got to talk to Jason on the phone for a while, which is always a nice surprise! He is doing pretty good. He had news on his R&R being moved up about a week. That made my day! YAY! I also got a phone call from the YMCA saying that the girls had gotten selected for a camp scholarship for this summer. I had to go do the paperwork for it, and got them all scheduled for camp. It will be good to have something for them to do this summer. We still have one more camp possibility waiting to hear about. Camp Purple (camp for kids of deployed soldiers) should be notifying people next week if they got selected. I am hoping for 2 free weeks of cmap for them! oth Also, Jamie and Megan both came over with their kids for a llittle May Day Celebration. We had little picnic sandwiches, chips, fruit, and veggies. The kids all had picnics on the floor in the playroom, while the adults ate at the table. It was just a nice night of relaxation, and of course Grey's Anatomy viewing! LOL

On friday, I was helping a friend with her kids while her husband had surgery. That took pretty much the whole day, but I did get my baby fix for a little while. Her kids are almost 2 and 3 1/2 months. I love babies! LOL

On Saturday, we went back to Sears for our picture re-shoot. Thsi time it was much better. The kids all did great. Of course, I did have to bribe them in between pictures with M&M's, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do, right?!?! LOL Below are some of the pics from our session. The saturday night, we went to Jamie's house for dinner. It is just nice to not have to eat alone, so we eat with each other... way too much most of the time! LOL Also, on saturday, I had to go the the ACC (acute care clinic). I have pink-eye. I am way to old for pink-eye!!! None of the kids have it or have had it in a long time, so I am not sure where it came from. But, I have it! So, today we didn't got to church since I am contagious. Wouldn't want to spread it to anyone else if possible. We are basically laying around doing nothing. I guess it is truly a "rest day" here. That is, if you don't count laundry, dishes, vacuuming, etc...LOL