Friday, June 27, 2008

last day of school

I was sorting through some pics this morning and I realized that I never posted pics from the last day of school. Both the boys had "last day programs/ceremonies", so here's a few cute ones of them.

Austin with Mrs.Villar

Austin with Ms.Mary

Austin "I am a pizza"

Jonathan with Mrs.Velasquez

Jonathan with his leis

Austin had a pre-school year end ceremony. He will still be in the same pre-school class next year. His teacher is fantastic, so we are very glad that he will be with her again. He has changed so much and learned so much since being in her class. I am sure that it will be yet another hard ajustment when school starts again, but I hope he will adjust fairly quickly since he will be in her class again. For their program, they sang a few songs. His class sang "I am a pizza". They had painted pizza shirts and made the pizza hats to wear. It was so cute!

Jonathan had a kindergarten graduation ceremony. Each student was called up for a candy lei and a certificate. Then they all sang the "Shake you tail-feather" song from Chicken Little movie. He was lucky to also have a great teacher too. Even though he is young, he will move on to 1st grade this year. If we were anywhere else, he would only be going into Kindergarten this year, but the cut-off date for school here is Dec.30. He was enrolled as Jr Kindergarten this past year, so we had the option of letting him do Kindergarten again this year or putting him straight into 1st grade. His teacher recommended that he go into 1st grade. She said that he was avg or above avg in all areas, and that she could see him doing quite well in 1st grade. YAY!

Now we are just counting down the days until school starts again...JULY 30!