Monday, July 21, 2008

Prayers needed

My grandfather is not doing good. A few weeks ago, they found out that he has bone cancer. I just found out a few days ago. Then today, I found out that he is back in the hospital again. he had another MRI that showed the cancer has spread very quickly and is now in his lungs and other places in his body. The doctors said that the best case senario is that they can give him a medication that "may" slow the process and he could live for 6 months...I am devestated. This is my Papa, the only grandfather I have ever had. I have not lost anyone close to me. This will be a first. I hate being away and not there to see him, have him see the kids, and just to help with the rest of the family. This has always been my worst fear with living far away from family. Not that I can really do anything or make a difference for anyone else, BUT for me. I want to be there for me. It breaks my heart to think that I will never see him again. To make matters worse, my grandmother (Mama) has alzheimer's and apparently has gone downhill so fast that she no longer recognizes most people or know what is really happening around her. Both of them were pretty much "normal" when we saw them before we moved to Hawaii 2 yrs ago. I am glad that we have those memories of them before they both got sick, but it makes it that much harder to deal with as well. I am hoping and praying that God will cradle them in the palm of His hands, and be a comforter to the rest of us during this time.